Audio-Video Cables and Adapters

At GadKo, we pride ourselves on having audio/video cables and adapters for your computer, home theater, stereo, television, and much more. Digital audio cables are necessary to connect devices to a receiver in order to provide surround sound audio. You can also use subwoofer cables to connect a receiver to a subwoofer. For the up-and-coming musician, we also carry microphone cables, as well as guitar cables and adapters. We even carry the older S-video cables and composite cables with yellow/red/white RCA connections. Proprietary and specialty cables, like a Wii cable and a PS3 component video cable, can be found in our Gaming Cables category. Browse through our categories, below, to find exactly what you need to complete your audio/video setup. Whether you're connecting your home theater system, setting up to play a small show, or trying to hook up your computer to your TV, you'll find what you need to make it work, here. Whether you need an exceptional HDMI cable, RCA cable, component video cable or an adapter, you are sure to find a great selection at the lowest prices.

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