Bulk Cable

Bulk cable is long runs of cabling that is not terminated with any connectors. CAT5E cable in bulk and CAT6 cable in bulk is used for wiring a home or office for Ethernet connectivity. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on individual strands of CAT5 and CAT6 cables at your local electronic accessories store. If you have a big job ahead of you and plan to hook up a full network of computers, you'll find that ordering CAT5 and CAT6 cables in bulk could mean a lot for your bottom line. Even wiring your home Ethernet setup can require more bulk cable than you realize. If you are wiring your home for Cable TV or Satellite TV, what you need is RG6 cable. RG59 cable is what is typically used for surveillance systems, as well as CAT5E. Houses that are more prone to electrical interference (often caused by fluorescent lights and power lines) may benefit from CAT5E shielded or CAT6 shielded cable for extra protection. RG6 quad shield cable offers extra layers of shielding, than standard RG6, and, if you have a full entertainment system to set up, it might help your total cost to order the cables you need in bulk. For security systems, we offer security cable and fire alarm cable. Home theater builders will be happy to find our selection of speaker wire to hook up surround sound speakers. Some installations do not allow the cables to be hidden behind walls. To visually clean up cables run across the floor, we offer cable raceways. Since bulk CAT 5, CAT 6, and RG58 cable are often ordered in bulk for larger jobs, we've made it our duty to supply all kinds of bulk cables, ranging from CAT 5 cables, to RG58 cables, along with security and speaker cables. Browse through our categories of cable in bulk, below, so that you can start wiring your home or office as soon as possible -- at a minimal cost.

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