DVI-VGA Cables

Here at GadKo, we have a wide variety of all the major digital video and audio connections, including HDMI,DVI, and SVGA adapters and HDMI, DVI and SVGA cables. Our cable store has all the electronic accessories you need. HDMI High Speed cables are the newest and best iteration of HDMI cords that will provide you with all the features of your brand new HDTV, including 3D, 1080p and above, surround sound audio, and many others. If you have a slightly older HDTV that has limited HDMI inputs, you can try our HDMI switch box -- one of our bestselling HDMI adapters, to add more HDMI inputs. To extend your HDMI signal, try using one of our HDBaseT HDMI adapters. You can even send a single HDMI signal from one Blu-ray player to multiple HDTVs, with an HDMI splitter. If you have an HDMI port on your camera, cell phone or other device, you might be interested in checking out our selection of mini HDMI cables (HDMI type C), and micro HDMI cables (HDMI type D) for HDMI high speed cables. If utilizing a DVI video cable, a DVI to HDMI adapter cable allows the connecting of a computer to a HDTV. Additionally, those same cables can be used in reverse, as a HDMI to DVI video cable, when connecting an HDMI device to a computer monitor with DVI. You can also purchase these custom cables in the form of a DVI adapter and an HDMI adapter. Here at our online cable store we also carry Mac to TV adapters. Mini DisplayPort to HDMI, DVI or VGA are for newer Macs. With these video adapters, you can display your computer on your HDTV. Similarly, for PC computers, we offer DVI video cable and HDMI adapters and cables. If you are connecting modern computer and home theater devices, and want the absolute best picture quality and surround sound possible, then look no further than our HDMI switch, cables, DVI video cables and HDMI adapters, here at GadKoShop.com.

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