IDE-SCSI Product

Browse here our Internal SCSI adaptors, cables and connectors, as well as SAS cable/adaptors, and SCSI I cables and adaptors. Internal computer cables, such as VHDCI 68 Internal Adaptors, are often forgotten about. IDE cables, SCSI I cables, and cables like SCSI Terminators, even though they have a cool name, are really not the most exciting of cables. These often-forgotten cables, such as SCSI III cables, are only seen when first building a computer, or when upgrading internal components. Although they are not seen very frequently, these cables are very important to a computer working properly -- or at all. SCSI I cables are also used externally in the form of VHDCI68 SCSI cables, Centronics 36, and HPDB68 among others. SATA or Serial ATA cables are a faster method of connecting internal drives, than IDE cables, if SATA is supported. ESATA is a newer external SATA connection for external drives. We also offer SAS cables and serial-attached SCSI II cables to take care of all your internal computer cable needs.

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