Network and Phone Cables

Browse our top quality selection of Surface Mount Jacks, network routers and Lan adaptors. Every new home built today is wired for Ethernet connections with CAT5E STP cables or CAT6 A cables in the walls. CAT5 cable has been virtually eliminated from use in favor of the faster CAT5E STP cable. CAT6 cables are an even newer standard that is a cleaner signal than CAT5E, but both are capable of gigabit Ethernet speeds. There is also an even newer CAT6A cable that would be used mostly for businesses that are planning for potential future requirements. CAT5E bulk cable and CAT6 bulk cable are what will be installed inside of walls, and terminated into a CAT5E keystones jack or a CAT6 keystones jack mounted in wall plates in each room of a house that needs Ethernet connection or Ethernet switches. If cutting a hole in the wall for wall plates is not an option, surface mount jacks can be a good solution. All of the Cat5 or Cat6 bulk cables will be connected in a centralized room to a CAT5E network cable patch panel or a CAT6 patch panel. To connect from the keystone jacks on the wall to a computer or another device, you would need a CAT5E patch panel cable or a CAT6 patch panel cable. We carry CAT5E booted cables and CAT6 booted cables to protect the connector and prevent the cable from snagging when pulling behind a desk. We also have CAT5E bootless cables and CAT6 bootless cables for people who do not like the boot. For computers that do not already have Ethernet cards, we have them as well as Ethernet switches and Ethernet Hubs. For printers that need to be hooked up to a network but have no Ethernet hubs or connections, try our USB network print server. Ethernet cables have a maximum distance of around 300ft. For longer distances, fiber cables may be needed with an Ethernet fiber converter. No matter what you networking needs, you can find all your Cat Cable, keystones, patch panels, and everything else at

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