USB Product

USB cables are required to connect most new electronic devices to computers and extending ports with USB hubs and USB switch boxes. Most electronic devices that are intended to be connected to a computer use USB 2.0 products and speed cables. There are many different types of USB connections on different devices. This requires USB adaptors and other accessories such as USB Hubs. USB type A is the rectangular type found on the back of a computer. USB type B is the square type found on the back of a printer. In order to connect a computer to a printer, you would need a USB type A male to USB type B male cables. There are also several smaller USB connections used on portable devices. New Android cell phones and Blackberry cell phones use micro USB. Digital camera cables can be several different USB types including micro USB, mini USB 5 pin or mini USB 4 pin. We offer some USB adapters that can convert one USB type to another. Recently released and just starting to show up on computers and devices are USB 3.0 products. USB 3.0 device cables are faster than USB 2.0 products, and fully backwards compatible. Keep in mind that the physical USB type B and micro B connectors on USB 3.0 device cables are different than on USB 2.0 products. In addition to the many cables options, we also carry USB controller cards and products that can extend the use of USB cables and USB hubs. USB hubs can add additional USB ports to a computer that does not have enough. One of our USB switch boxes would allow you to switch one USB device such as a printer between multiple computers. If you have to extend USB cables farther than the 15ft maximum, try our Cat5 extender or USB extension repeater cable. USB over Cat5e carries USB 1.0 speeds up to 180 feet. Some older devices have serial USB cables connections, and not USB. They would require one of our USB adaptors, specifically our USB to serial adapter. USB cables have become a part of our daily lives, and with USB hubs and USB switch boxes, more connections than ever are possible. Whether you are dealing in USB 2.0 products or USB 3.0 products, is here to provide the solution.

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